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News update
The Council of the European Union has decided that the European Medicines Agency (EMA) will be relocated to the City of Amsterdam. The Dutch government proudly welcomes the Agency, its staff and their families to the Netherlands.

We are dedicated to safeguard the continuity of EMA’s important work for all European patients during and after its relocation. Our key objective is to ensure that the Agency can continue to function throughout the relocation process without disruption.

The Dutch government and the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area will begin to initiate the proposed transition activities immediately after the decision on relocation, in close cooperation with EMA.

The four key elements of this bid

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1. Continuity

This bid aims to ensure business continuity and the unburdening of business operations and staff during the relocation of EMA from London to the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area.

2. Connectivity

We offer a high level of international connectivity that is superior to the Agency’s current UK location.

3. Commitment

The Dutch government is prepared to engage in a long-term commitment regarding cooperation with the EMA, beginning with the seamless relocation of the Agency and its staff and by making substantial investments in the EU medicines regulatory network.

4. Community

An open and internationally oriented country, the Netherlands is a great place to work, live and raise a family. The country tops many international surveys that evaluate quality-of-life and Amsterdam is one of the most desirable destinations for expats.

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Introducing the Netherlands

The Netherlands is a thriving, independent, prosperous and internationally oriented country in the heart of Europe. The Netherlands has long been situated at Europe’s trading crossroads and is one of the founding nations of the European Union. The Netherlands scores highly regarding stability, safety and social responsibility, which is demonstrated by an excellent educational system, high-quality healthcare, the availability of a multilingual and highly skilled workforce and efficient markets.



(Also home to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol)

Currency: Euro

GPD per capita

(CBS 2015)

33,800 km2

Million people

Unemployment rate

(average 2007-2015)

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The country’s international orientation provides a gateway into Europe that helps international organisations and companies succeed throughout the continent. Situated between the three largest economies in Europe (Germany, the United Kingdom and France), the Netherlands offers an attractive, stable and highly accessible location for the new home of EMA and its large number of visitors from abroad.

The quality of business infrastructure in the Netherlands is among the best in the world. The dynamic environment enables companies and international organisations to establish a firm foundation on which to build; from headquarters, to research and development, through marketing, to logistics and technology. The Amsterdam Metropolitan Area alone is home to over 110,000 expats from across the globe; 50,000 of them live in the city itself. Expats also form a significant part of the population throughout the Netherlands.

The country boasts an affordable, high standard of living, in a multicultural society. At the same time, it retains an inviting, communal atmosphere, especially in its city centres, where bikes are the primary form of transportation. Open, rural land is never far away from office buildings and conurbations. Combined with cultural, sporting, and other spare-time activities, the Netherlands makes for a highly attractive location for both locals and expatriates.

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Amsterdam Metropolitan Area

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Amsterdam offers a combination of advantages that cannot easily be found in other European cities.

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The Amsterdam Metropolitan Area

Amsterdam is the perfect location for EMA as it provides a thriving and dynamic environment that will enable the Agency to run its operations smoothly and efficiently. The business eco-system of the area includes multinational companies, start-ups and research institutes. The European Union recognised the innovative nature of the city by naming Amsterdam ‘European Capital of Innovation’ in 2016.

Amsterdam offers a set of advantages that cannot easily be found in other European cities. The city is a cultural hotspot and hosts a vibrant international community with an excellent quality of life for expats that reside there. It continues to rank highly in the world’s most attractive and friendliest cities for expats, in which to live and work. Amsterdam has an internationally oriented and multi-cultural population, some 19% of whom are foreign nationals and migrants. More than 90% of the people in Amsterdam speak English. The city has, for centuries, attracted people from all over the world.

2.3 million inhabitants

180 different nationalities

15.1 million overnight stays

881,000 bicycles
58% used daily

40 parks

4000 bars and restaurants

25 concerts & theatrical performances a day

80 bridges in the canal ring

207 Van Gogh paintings

75 museums

8th world-wide conference destination

22 international schools