Bitcoin Bull Market on the Horizon: Kiyosaki, Hayes Urge Investors to Buy

• Robert Kiyosaki, an American businessman, investor, and motivational speaker, believes the banking sector’s current crisis will intensify.
• He recommends investors to focus on buying Bitcoin (BTC), gold and silver as a response to the potential turbulence.
• Arthur Hayes also appears to be on board with this idea.

Kiyosaki’s Advice

Robert Kiyosaki – an American businessman, investor, and motivational speaker better known as the author of the bestseller „Rich Dad, Poor Dad“ – thinks the current crisis in the banking sector will intensify. As such, he advised investors to focus on bitcoin, gold, and silver, arguing those assets could save them amid the potential turbulence. In a recent post on Twitter, Kiyosaki said central banks might print more “fake money” in response to this crisis and urged investors to purchase more bitcoin, gold and silver so they can overcome such a catastrophe.

BTC Performance After Bank Collapse

BTC has quickly regained ground after plunging significantly on the news of Silicon Valley Bank’s collapse. Despite the ongoing uncertainty in the monetary system, it crossed the $22K mark which leads many people to believe that it is about start a new bull run soon. This further supports Kiyosaki’s advice for investors to consider Bitcoin as part of their portfolios for protection against economic turmoil.

Arthur Hayes On Board

Arthur Hayes seems to be a proponent of this thesis as well; therefore supporting Kiyosaki’s statement even further. A mass printing of fiat occurred shortly after COVID-19 outbreak due to numerous central banking institutions; however despite all that Bitcoin still managed to succeed above its previous records before any intervention from government or bank took place which suggests that cryptocurrency is here for good no matter what happens in other sectors of economy or finance world wide.

Precautions Are Necessary

Although it is recommended by both Robert Kiyosaki and Arthur Hayes for investors to look into cryptocurrencies as part of their portfolio for protection against economic downturns; Investors should still take necessary precautions when investing in any asset class including cryptocurrencies and understand that there are risks associated with every asset class including crypto assets too . Therefore performing your own research beforehand is highly recommended before making any decisions regarding investments .


In conclusion , both Robert Kiyosaki and Arthur Hayes agree that investing in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin , Gold & Silver are great options when it comes protecting yourself from potential economic downturns . However they also advise taking necessary precautions while investing in these asset classes too before making any investment decisions .