A smooth and fast transition of EMA

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A smooth and fast transition of EMA

A prime location

This bid aims to ensure business continuity and the unburdening of business operations and staff during the relocation of EMA from London to the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. The Netherlands wants to make the transition to a new member state not only as smooth as possible but also provide a high level of services to ensure that the Agency can also benefit from its relocation. Business continuity is ensured by offering a custom designed, new build headquarters at a high-end location. The new headquarters will be established in full partnership with EMA, facilitating continuity and efficient, secure, and effective business operations.

EMA will be able to choose from a full range of real estate services for the development and maintenance of the new premises, that can be tailored to the Agency’s needs. 

A prime location

The Amsterdam Metropolitan Area is a prime location for working, living and recreation in the Netherlands and, together with the proposed headquarters location, only minutes away from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. It is a dynamic working and residential area, with a high level of amenities to ensure the necessary comfort and relaxation.

The Amsterdam Metropolitan Area is a compact area that houses 650 hotels (2015), with a total of 41,000 hotel rooms in various price ranges. By 2020, hotel capacity will have been expanded by an additional 11,000 rooms. Approximately 29,150 rooms are located in the city of Amsterdam, with a large selection in the 3- and 4-star range.

Map of the Amsterdam
Metropolitan Area

Office location



International school

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The new EMA premises will deliver a high-quality working environment with modern architecture, sustainability, functionality and cost-efficiency.

Amsterdam Zuidas

The new EMA headquarters is located in Amsterdam Zuidas. Zuidas – literally, the ‘South Axis’ – is situated within the vibrant city of Amsterdam and only minutes away from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. With its high concentration of businesses, public institutions and housing, this is a new dynamic quarter of the Dutch capital. A high profile international business district and a centre of research and education, it is a fully-fledged urban hub – a dynamic place to live and work. 

Zuidas is best known as a top-level international knowledge and business centre. Over 700 firms are already established here, including many international companies operating in the areas of finance and accountancy, consultancy, law, chemistry, and IT. It is not only a key international office location, but also a popular residential area where special attention is paid to the human dimension of architecture and green design of public space. The area is also home to a bilingual (English/Dutch) primary school. The British School is located nearby at Zuidas, and the International School of Amsterdam is 15 minutes away by car.

There are some 48 hotels, including global chains, in the 3- and 4-star range located at Amsterdam Zuidas, offering a total of 3,775 rooms. By 2020, this local capacity will increase to over 5,250 rooms. At walking distance from the proposed new EMA headquarters, there are several hotels in different price ranges. Two new large hotels will open their doors in 2019 almost adjacent to the building plot. 

Distance to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol:  7 minutes by train.

The Vivaldi Building

The Dutch government is pleased to offer a brand new office building as the new headquarters for EMA ensuring the Agency’s business continuity. The Vivaldi Building is a typical high-rise plot. With this building, the Netherlands can fulfil all EMA’s specified requirements regarding its new headquarters. This includes high-quality office spaces, a conference centre that is designed according to the specific requirements of EMA, the highest sustainability performance and a perfectly secure environment. 

The building is next to the railway/metro station Amsterdam RAI with a direct connection to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (10-minute connection) and the Amsterdam ring motorway. At walking distance from the new headquarters is the Amsterdam RAI Convention Centre which hosts up to 500 large international (medical) conferences and exhibitions each year, with over 1.5 million visitors.

Video interview with the architect of the new EMA premises

“I’m really looking forward to drink my cup of espresso on the top floor”

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The Netherlands has a strong track record of realising state-of-the-art customised workplaces for international organisations and international businesses.

CGREA has a track-record of working with European Agencies in the Netherlands and is the main developer for Dutch ministries and other governmental bodies.

Dedicated support and services

Given the very short transition period between the final EU decision on the new host country and the relocation of the Agency the Dutch government is happy to proffer the services of the Central Government Real Estate Agency (CGREA). CGREA is a 100%-government-owned non-profit agency which will operate as a one-stop shop concerning all aspects of realising the new EMA premises. It is an efficient and professional government agency that provides real estate for the Dutch government and international organisations in the Netherlands. CGREA has a track-record of working with European Agencies and international organisations in the Netherlands and is the main developer for Dutch ministries and other government agencies.

CGREA provides a wide range of services, varying from advice on specific real estate issues, to a full-service package, involving the development, fitting-out, and maintenance of the new premises. Taking into account the short time frame in which EMA needs to prepare for relocation after the new home country has been decided upon, the range of services can be adjusted to the specific needs of the Agency.

With the Vivaldi Building, the Netherlands provides a complete turnkey accommodation; designed as a purpose-built and/or fully-fitted and furnished operational workplace, based on the specific requirements of EMA and guaranteeing unfettered business continuity for the Agency.

“EMA’s work is crucial in guaranteeing the safety of medicines for all European citizens. This critical work cannot be disrupted. The Netherlands offers all of the support that is necessary in order to facilitate a fast, efficient and seamless relocation. All things considered, the Netherlands is the perfect location for the EMA in the wake of Brexit.”

Edith Schippers – Minister of Health, Welfare & Sport