Crypto Millionaire Found Dead: Body Parts Found in Suitcase

• A crypto millionaire’s body parts were found in a suitcase in Argentina.
• Police suspect that the amputation was done by professionals and he was shot before being cut into pieces.
• An investigation has been launched to discover the motive behind his murder.

Missing Crypto Millionaire’s Body Parts Found in a Suitcase

The Argentinian police suspect that the crypto millionaire’s gory death was connected to his huge debt after the remains of Fernando Pérez Algaba were reportedly found dismembered in a suitcase while he was staying in Argentina.

Discovery of Remains

The Argentinian police have launched an investigation into the mysterious death of Fernando Pérez Algaba, whose body parts were found in a suitcase over the weekend in Ingeniero Budge, a town in the province of Buenos Aires. Algaba was reported missing on July 19 after he did not return keys to an apartment he rented for a week or answer his phone while in Argentina. According to reports, Algaba’s dismembered remains were discovered by some children whose parents took the matter to the police. On getting to the scene, authorities discovered Algaba’s legs and forearm in the suitcase and another arm in a stream. His head and torso were later discovered on Wednesday, July 26th.

Autopsy Results

The police suspect that the amputation was done by professionals, with an autopsy showing that he was shot before his body was cut into pieces. The autopsy also showed that there were no signs of torture or poisoning which could lead authorities to believe it might have been premeditated murder due to debts owed by Algaba or any other reason yet unknown at this time.


An investigation has been launched but so far there are still no clues as to what happened or who is responsible for this horrible crime against one of Argentina’s foremost millionaires who had investments mainly into cryptocurrencies and luxury car rentals businesses across South America before his untimely demise.


This case is still under investigation as authorities search for answers surrounding Pérez Algaba’s death and attempt to bring justice for his family members who have since come forward demanding justice for their lost loved one who was taken from them too soon due to this gruesome act of violence perpetrated against him while living abroad during summer vacationing season here at home country Argentina .