From now on, the Dimagrimondo gym in Grugliasco also accepts payments in Bitcoin (BTC).

Massimo Bechis, CEO of Dimagrimondo gym in Grugliasco, explained:

„Being one of the first gyms in the world to be equipped to receive payments also in Crypto Investor scam is a source of pride for me and my partner Alessandra. In this extremely difficult period for fitness because of COVID-19, committing ourselves to 360 degrees to improve ourselves allows us to feel alive and projected into the future.“

Covid-19 is certainly bringing problems to the sports and events industry, so Dimagrimondo’s goal is to revamp itself to attract as many people as possible when it reopens.

Indeed, Alessandra Remmert explained:

„Knowing how to adapt to digitization also goes through supporting and being able to manage the new forms of payment,

Bitcoin in the gym you’ve always dreamed of

Massimo Bechis added:

„Fitness is the best way to be able to safeguard our well-being and our future. Digital currencies, like Bitcoin, are the future of payments free from constraints and stress. Combining them seemed to us the best way to give people the feeling of maximum peace of mind, transparency and willingness to meet their needs. In our slogan The gym you’ve always dreamed of is contained all our commitment and day after day I, Alessandra and our instructors are working hard so that people perceive our facility as their home, the place where they have always dreamed of working out.“

And indeed, Bitcoin is definitely a payment method that is free of any constraints and professes to be the tool to give freedom and privacy.

Furthermore, the two partners explain:

„Payments in bitcoin are very fast and the fees acceptable. In addition, you only need a smartphone and open an account on an Exchange to be operational. In addition to the traditional POS we can also receive bitcoin as a payment formula, which puts us several years ahead of all other European gyms. As Dimagrimondo we have always innovated both from the point of view of training machines and as subscription formulas, moving away from the „traditional“ and looking for the best solutions for the people who train with us.“

Bitcoin certainly isn’t the fastest and lowest fee crypto on the market, but it’s certainly the most well-known for now so it makes sense to adopt just BTC as a payment method.