Presidential Candidate to Back US Dollar with Bitcoin!

• Robert F. Kennedy, a US presidential candidate from the Democratic party, has proposed a plan to back the American dollar with bitcoin and certain precious metals.
• If elected, Kennedy’s cabinet will start by backing 1% of issued T-bills with bitcoin or precious metals, before potentially diving deeper into the move.
• The 69-year-old environmental lawyer is positioning bitcoin at the center of his presidential campaign and believes that this move would guarantee the strength of the greenback.

Robert F. Kennedy’s Plan

Presidential Candidate Robert F. Kennedy has announced a plan to back America’s official currency – the US Dollar – with Bitcoin and other precious metals should he be elected as President of the United States. This measure would strengthen and guarantee its “continuous success” as the world’s reserve currency according to Kennedy.

Kennedy’s Cabinet

Kennedy’s cabinet will begin by backing 1% of issued treasury bills (T-bills) with Bitcoin or other precious metals such as gold, silver or platinum, before potentially progressing further into this move in future if necessary. The 69-year-old environmental lawyer has positioned Bitcoin at the center of his presidential campaign and hopes that this measure will ensure the security and success of America’s national currency going forward.

Notable Support

The notion that investing in Bitcoin or other assets could help preserve wealth amidst inflationary pressures is not new; several finance experts including Robert Kiyosaki have been advocating for it over recent years due to their expectations for a bleak future for fiat currencies such as USD.

Heal-the-Divide PAC

Kennedy voiced these plans during an appearance at Heal-the-Divide PAC recently, where he discussed how this possible initiative could be rolled out if he were to become president next year: “My plan would be to start very, very small: perhaps 1% of issued T-bills backed by gold…and later on we could look into more serious investments like bitcoin.“


Robert F. Kennedy has put forward a proposal which could see America’s currency being backed up by Bitcoin and other valuable assets if he becomes President next year – something which has been supported by many prominent finance figures due to their beliefs about potential inflationary pressures against fiat currencies like USD in future times.