Staking on Avalanche? Feel Mining takes the plunge

You probably know Feel Mining, the French expert in cryptocurrency mining and staking. After the launch of a V2 full of new features and a busy year, the sympathetic Grenoble residents have decided to continue innovating to allow you to make the most of the latest major project that is shaking up the cryptosphere!

This promotional item is brought to you in collaboration with Feel Mining.

Feel Mining, the partner you need

We cannot repeat it enough, building up passive income in cryptocurrency is not easy … and not easy at all!

Fortunately, shared and managed node services for you are offered by specialized companies , like the Feel Mining offers . A Bitcoin Rush review that we have already tested (and approved!) Many times since.

Thus, it becomes possible to rely on this type of service to allow you to get started from home and without any equipment in the validation of blockchain networks … and thus receive remuneration in return for the precious help you will provide!

Avalanche: the new challenger

Unless you have been hiding in a cave in recent months, you cannot have missed the explosive project that has been shaking the cryptosphere for a few weeks: a serious competitor for Ethereum, I named… Avalanche !

At Journal du Coin, we are very curious about future developments of Avalanche : indeed, if the project keeps its promises, Avalanche will be the first smart contracts platform that can confirm transactions in less than a second . Thus, the expected speed should be of the same order of magnitude as that of the VISA network!

Avalanche AVAX Ava Labs

And this new cryptocurrency which is shaking very strongly the prices of the largest crypto-exchanges is now offered in staking on Feel Mining , to help you build up passive income on this future juggernaut of the sphere!

A shock team for a blockchain that promises

Led by a real dream team , consisting of the most prolific researchers in distributed networks and minds strongest ecosystem of cryptography , you will be quickly seduced by Avalanche … and its great potential.

Speed, reliability, scalability : these are the key words that guide the action of Avalanche developers in their search for disruptive decentralized finance . And of course, in order to transform these great ideas into a reality very tangible and indisputable , we must appeal to the heart of the matter: the money and the rewards . And rewards , that’s exactly what Feel Mining is talking about : you can act now tosupport the Avalanche revolution , and take the opportunity to build up a generous passive income paid into AVAX.

Whether or not you have the collateral necessary to put in receivership to start staker of the AVAX , Feel Mining you simplify the process! By subscribing to Feel Mining’s AVAX staking offer, you can expect a plump estimated annual return of 9.78% !

Nothing stops Feel Mining, always at the forefront to provide its customers with the latest innovative projects that will make the cryptosphere of tomorrow! Want to position yourself on the emerging giant Avalanche? Feel-Mining can be a good starting point!