The Impact of Major Events on Bitcoin Price: An Analysis

Digital currency Bitcoin was the topic of controversy and debate since it was introduced to the world in the year 2009. The revolutionary technology that is behind Bitcoin has allowed Bitcoin to be the world’s first digital currency, which allows users to make and receive payments without having to use an intermediary. Despite the volatile history of Bitcoin’s price the currency has been among the top well-known and widely-used digital currencies worldwide.

In recent times, the relationship of Bitcoin value and significant events have been gaining more examination. This article aims to analyze the effect that major events can have on Bitcoin price as well as the relationship between these events. The article will examine the historical background of Bitcoin and the market drivers that drive Bitcoin price and the effect significant events have in determining Bitcoin price. It will also look at the effects from major events to Bitcoin price and provide insights into the relationship between Bitcoin price and major events.

Historical Overview

Bitcoin was first presented to the world around 2009 through an unknown Satoshi Nakamoto. The cryptocurrency was developed to be secure decentralized, open, and peer-to peer electronic payment system. Bitcoin is based through a blockchain, which is which is a public ledger for every transaction that is kept by a computer network. Bitcoin was the very first digital currency decentralized and has since been the most well-known and widely utilized one around the world.

Since its inception, Bitcoin has experienced a turbulent price in its history. At first it was worth just only a fraction of the value of a penny. In the latter part of 2013 Bitcoin was at its high value of $1,147.25 and then plummeted to $200 by the beginning of 2015. Since then, Bitcoin’s value has been steadily on the climb, and reached an all-time record high at $58,332.36 at the end of February in 2021.

Market Drivers of Bitcoin Price

The cost of Bitcoin is dependent on a variety of variables, including supply and demand market sentiment, news and regulations of the government. The amount of Bitcoin available is restricted by its set supply that is 21 million dollars so its price is influenced by the demand. Demand for Bitcoin is caused by its rising popularity as well as the rising quantity of retail and institutional buyers entering the market.

Market sentiment is a major factor in determining the cost of Bitcoin. The positive developments and news that occur in the field of crypto typically result in an increase in the value of Bitcoin however, negative news and developments could cause a drop in the value of Bitcoin.

In the end, regulations from government are a significant factor in setting the price of Bitcoin. Different governments around the world have adopted various positions on Bitcoin and some countries adopting a more relaxed approach, whereas others have taken an approach that is more strict.

The Impact of Major Events on Bitcoin Price

Large-scale events can have an enormous influence on the value of Bitcoin. They can be positive news, for instance, the approval of the creation of a Bitcoin ETF, or negative information, like security breaches or hacks. The major events could also involve the regulations of government agencies, for example, the Securities and Exchange commission’s approval for an exchange-traded Bitcoin product.

The Correlation Between Bitcoin Price and Major Events

The relationship with Bitcoin value and the major event isn’t easy to discern. On one hand, significant events may have a substantial impact on the value of Bitcoin in that they could cause a rise or decrease in demand. However the effect of major events may differ according to what the occasion is as well as the general market sentiment around the event.

Major Events Impacting Bitcoin Price

There have been many significant events that have affected the value of Bitcoin. In the 2021 year all by itself, there have been many important events that significantly impacted the value of Bitcoin.

On February 20, 2021 Tesla made a bet of $1.5 billion Bitcoin which drove the value of Bitcoin to a record high. Other significant factors that have affected the value of Bitcoin include the acceptance of an Bitcoin ETF in Canada, the acceptance of a Bitcoin-based exchange-traded item by the US Securities and Exchange Commission as well as the hacking of the cryptocurrency exchange Binance.

Analyzing the Impact of Major Events on Bitcoin Price

In order to assess the effect that major news events can have on Bitcoin price it is essential to take into account the mood of the market around the event and the purpose of the event. For instance, the announcement about Tesla having invested in Bitcoin was received by a overwhelmingly positive reaction by the marketplace, leading the demand for Bitcoin to rise, and an increase in the price of Bitcoin.


This article has looked at the effect significant events have on Bitcoin price, and the relationship between these events. The article has examined the historical background of Bitcoin as well as the market-driven factors that drive Bitcoin price, as well as the effect that major events can have in determining Bitcoin price. It has also looked at the effect from major events to Bitcoin price, and also provided insights into the connection of Bitcoin value and the major events.

It is evident important events have an enormous impact on the value of Bitcoin. However, the effects of these events could differ according to how the events are conducted as well as the sentiment of the market surrounding the event. This is why it’s crucial for investors to keep an in mind major events and their possible impact upon Bitcoin price.